Contract Marriage 2 Ending

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Contract Marriage 2 Ending: Exploring the Surprising Twists and Heartwarming Resolution

If you`re a fan of K-dramas, you might have watched the recently aired series Contract Marriage 2, which has now revealed its much-awaited ending. In this romantic comedy, two strangers, Kang Tae-ha (played by Lee Seung-gi) and Han Yu-rim (played by Bae Suzy), enter into a fake marriage to achieve their respective goals: Tae-ha wants to inherit his family`s company by showing his maturity and loyalty, while Yu-rim wants to pay off her father`s debt by getting a divorce settlement. However, as they start living together and facing various challenges, they develop genuine feelings for each other, leading to a dilemma of whether to keep the contract or break it.

If you haven`t watched the whole series yet, be warned that spoilers are ahead. If you have, let`s recap the main events of the last few episodes and analyze how the ending ties up the loose ends and satisfies the viewers` expectations.

Episode 13: The Truth and the Betrayal

In the previous episode, Tae-ha had discovered that his stepmother, who had pretended to support him, had actually plotted to ruin his reputation and his relationship with Yu-rim by spreading false rumors and photos. Tae-ha confronts her and exposes her lies in front of his family and the media, which leads to her arrest and his father`s apology and approval of his marriage. However, the trust between Tae-ha and Yu-rim is shattered when she confesses that she had known about the stepmother`s plan but hadn`t told him because she wanted to protect him. Tae-ha feels betrayed and leaves the house to stay at a hotel, while Yu-rim feels guilty and sad.

Episode 14: The Separation and the Reunion

In this episode, Tae-ha struggles to come to terms with Yu-rim`s secret and his own feelings for her. He asks her for a divorce, but she refuses to sign the papers and tells him that she wants to fix their relationship and earn his trust back. Tae-ha remains distant and cold, but also starts to miss Yu-rim and recall the happy moments they shared. Meanwhile, Yu-rim gets support from her family and friends and learns more about her own feelings for Tae-ha. She decides to surprise him by preparing a romantic dinner at their house, but Tae-ha doesn`t show up and sends her a message that he has left for a business trip. Yu-rim gets heartbroken and cries alone in their bedroom.

Episode 15: The Confession and the Apology

At the beginning of this episode, Yu-rim starts to doubt Tae-ha`s sincerity and wonders if he has really forgiven her or if he is using her again for his own gain. However, Tae-ha returns earlier than expected and surprises her with a bouquet of flowers and a sincere apology. He admits that he had been too harsh on her and that he had also made mistakes in their marriage, such as neglecting her feelings and interests. He tells her that he loves her and that he wants to start afresh with her, this time as his true partner and not just a contract wife. Yu-rim forgives him and also confesses her love for him, saying that she had been afraid to admit it before because she had thought he only saw her as a business deal. They hug and kiss, and the camera zooms out to show their house lit up and surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms.

Episode 16: The Wedding and the Future

The last episode of Contract Marriage 2 shows the couple preparing for their real wedding, with the help of their families and friends. Tae-ha`s father approves of their relationship and gives them his blessings and a promising job for Yu-rim in the company. Yu-rim`s father comes back from abroad and reconciles with her, saying that he is proud of her for being brave and honest. The ceremony is beautiful and emotional, with Tae-ha and Yu-rim exchanging personal vows and rings, and their friends singing and dancing. After the wedding, they go on a honeymoon trip to Jeju Island, where they enjoy romantic walks, meals, and talks. In the last scene, they are back in their house, looking at the photos of their journey, and Tae-ha tells Yu-rim that he wants to have a baby with her. Yu-rim blushes and kisses him, and the camera fades to black, leaving the viewers with a sense of happiness and closure.

Contract Marriage 2 Ending: Analysis and Lessons

While some viewers might have predicted that Tae-ha and Yu-rim would end up together, especially given the chemistry and popularity of the lead actors, the way the drama handles their conflicts and emotions is what makes it worth watching and discussing. For example, the revelation of the stepmother`s betrayal and the aftermath of Yu-rim`s confession could have been resolved with more cliches and melodrama, but the show chooses to challenge the characters` integrity and values, and to explore their maturity and growth. Tae-ha`s decision to forgive Yu-rim and his admission of his own faults are refreshing and honest, and Yu-rim`s transformation from a naive and materialistic girl to a responsible and empathetic woman is empowering and inspiring. The supporting characters also add depth and humor to the story, such as the quirky but loyal housekeeper, the eccentric but wise mother-in-law, and the mischievous but supportive friends.

Another aspect of Contract Marriage 2 that deserves praise is its depiction of a modern and diverse society, where people from different backgrounds and professions can interact and learn from each other. Tae-ha and Yu-rim come from opposite worlds, with Tae-ha being a successful but lonely businessman and Yu-rim being a struggling but optimistic aspiring actress, but they find common ground and respect each other`s differences. The show also touches on important issues such as mental health, gender equality, and family values, without being preachy or judgmental.

Overall, Contract Marriage 2 ending is a satisfying and heartwarming conclusion to a delightful and meaningful drama. It shows that love can be found and nurtured in unexpected ways, and that honesty, forgiveness, and communication are essential for any relationship to flourish. If you haven`t watched it yet, give it a try and let us know your thoughts!